Watch, Record, Prove


After recently having problems with our fire and security providers we were recommended to contact APM Fire and Security with a view to using them. I am pleased we chose to transfer our fire and security systems maintenance and monitoring to them as they resolved all the issues we had previously and were a pleasure to deal with.

Since the initial works that APM did we have now also engaged with them on other work outside of the business and am pleased we have received the same level of service: It is clear to us that APM and its staff have the correct attitude towards the customers needs.

Janice Vincent

APM Fire and Security design, install and maintain CCTV systems for all types of properties and requirements including IP, ANPR and covert systems; CCTV systems can be made up of a single camera to numerous cameras and APM Fire and Security are able to install a new system or takeover and upgrade existing systems of any size.

All our CCTV systems are designed and installed to NSI standard and the current European Standards.

When considering a CCTV system you have to take into account the Data Protection Act to make sure that the system can be managed, complies and is not interfering with the privacy of the public and possible neighbours.

The first step, which is the most important in CCTV, is to understand the customer’s requirements and what they would like to achieve from the installation of a CCTV system due to the fact that it is a visual security system; the requirement of the system can be the need for general monitoring, detection, recognition or identification and once this has been established you can then start to design a system.

CCTV systems can be a standalone system where the recorder is left to record and be checked from time to time, or a fully functional system where there may be security personnel on site using it to survey the site and monitor activity or even a remotely monitored systems were the CCTV is viewed and controlled by an offsite monitoring facility who can deal with activity appropriately via audio recordings or live audio feeds as well as being able to trigger lighting and gate controls to allow for authorised personal to gain access to a site.

At APM Fire and Security we choose to install open protocol CCTV equipment which enables us to offer the right kit with the right solution with no long term manufacturer tie-in for the customer as there is no restricted access to replacement or additional kit in the future