Intruder Alarms

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Just wanted to send you a short note to let you know how professional and helpful the engineers were when here at the Football Club carrying out the fire and security works. They were extremely considerate when working around the office areas and kept us in the loop as to when they would be carrying out each part of the takeover services of the systems.

The communication from APM Fire & Security has been brilliant prior, during and after the works and I would be more than happy to recommend APM Fire & Security and pass on your contact details.

Tim Kent
Financial Director

APM Fire and Security are able to design, install and maintain Intruder Alarm systems for all types of properties to both the current NSI and European Standards.

The key to designing and installing an Intruder Alarm is to ensure the customer’s requirements are met whilst causing the minimum of disruption to how they currently operate in the building, to enable the Intruder Alarm to work for them and be user friendly.

APM Fire and Security also have the knowledge and competency to takeover and upgrade existing systems regardless of their size or age.

APM Fire and Security are able to install and takeover Intruder Alarm systems ranging from audible only systems through to a monitored system linked to the police (URN required) via our industry approved monitoring station. There are plenty of options for communicating an Intruder Alarm and if this is part of the requirement from the customer or their insurers then we are able to offer these services and will advise as to which type suits your need and property.

When considering a new Intruder Alarm or reviewing your existing system it is worth considering the following additional building facilities alarms: - Power Failure, Flood Detection, Air-Con Failure, Lone Man Working, Freezer Failure and Panic Alarms as any of these activations are easily interfaced with the Intruder Alarm for notification locally on site as well off site via the monitoring station for an appropriate response.